Creativity- no, not art

Creativity really is essential in parenting. I'm not talking about decorating a magazine-worthy nursery or crafting hand-made Valentine's cards for all 22 of your preschooler's classmates. I'm referring to creativity like making a peek-a-boo game with your restaurant menu when your toddler is hangry.  Keeping a couple of treats in your car (like gummy fruit snacks) for when you need to incentivize your kid to be patient on errands. Arranging your 4 year-old's closet and drawers so it's fool-proof for her to put away her laundry (I'll let you know if this actually works in the next blog post). Some of these "life hacks" give us a little more sanity and we only discover them by talking to each other and bouncing ideas off of each other. 

I bring this up because it has become more meaningful for me to reach out to the parents of my daughter's friends. These other moms and dads have helped me with behavior issues, carpool, homework, social dilemmas, and all sorts of stuff.

I'll admit that as an inexperienced mom I thought I was too busy with my every day priorities to make room for other people in my life. It's already a struggle to spend time with my closest friends  because most of us have kids and our schedules are impossible! However my ability to ask for support and find support has exponentially grown by finding a couple of other parent friends in my daughters' social circle. 

One of the things that weighs on my heart for families who have children with medical conditions is how they often become socially isolated and don't get to meet as many other parents as the rest of us, especially not in person. Many of these parents cut their work hours or even give up their careers, they may not be able to find or afford qualified babysitters, and going out with their child becomes complicated in and of itself because of all the medical stuff they have to bring. Did I mention how many doctor's and therapist's appointments they have on their schedule too?  

It's an unintentional, unimaginable reality that I have learned and I want to fix it. With Harmony Children's Village I aim to make our community as open and supportive as possible so that not only do the children with medical needs get to socialize, but so do their parents. It takes a village, y'all! And we are creating it one family at a time :)

What are some of your favorite creative life hacks??? Please share them here or email me at with your thoughts! 

Thanks for being part of the village,