Loving what makes my kids special

Loving my children feels as natural as breathing. It's so fun to see how each of them is different and to discover their individual quirks. For instance, my oldest daughter, Jane, is always hot. She stopped sleeping in footy pajamas when she was 12 months old because she clearly felt uncomfortably warm in them. Even now, as a silly 7-year-old, she tries to get away with wearing shorts during the winter. On the other hand, Violet, who is 4 years old, wears a second layer of cotton pajamas under her footy pajamas and also wears footed tights year-round. 

Noticing these special things about our children is part of being parents-- and it's stuff like this that makes me reflect on how each and every child has special needs of their own according to a lot of things-- their genetics, their preferences and their personalities. They may or may not sleep with a paci, or only drink from a particular bottle, or have a food allergy, etc. So if a child also needs physical therapy for their development, or has a feeding tube, or has a rare genetic condition, sure, we can call those things special but the majority of their needs are the same as all of their peers: loving caregivers, a safe environment, quiet nap times, healthy habits, educational activities, and friends to play with.

So for anyone telling your friends about Harmony Children's Village and trying to find the words to describe what makes us unique, my go-to phrase is "care for children with and without medical conditions" since every child has special needs, but not all of them have medical conditions. 

I have really enjoyed caring for three different babies so far in our in-home babysitting service and it has truly been a joy to get to know each of them. Also, we have some exciting news to share-- another baby will join Harmony Children's Village in a few months because I'm pregnant with baby girl #3! I can't wait to discover all the special and unique things about her, and I'll be sure to share them with the village. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on special needs and how your children all have unique quirks. This blog is a new way for our village to keep in touch, so please comment and email me at lilly.pulko@harmonychildrensvillage.com with topics you would like me to address and anything about parenting that you would like to discuss!

Thanks for being part of the village,