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Harmony Children's Village provides inclusive childcare for babies and toddlers (up to age 3) with and without medical conditions. For example:

  • babies with no history of medical complications who's parents desire smaller ratios and a highly specialized childcare experience while their infants are very young

  • babies who have spent time in the NICU due to premature birth and/or medical complications

  • babies and toddlers who have been hospitalized and discharged home with continued nursing care needs such as feeding tubes and oxygen

  • babies and toddlers with genetic conditions requiring special medical interventions for optimal health and growth

  • other special circumstances, like babies with compromised immune systems who require an environment where they're protected more carefully from possible viruses or bacteria.

    Please go to our model of care description or email us through the contact form to ask about our customized services!

Harmony is unlike any other childcare in Georgia since all the state's medically fragile daycares closed in 2015.*

*see AJC article here

Harmony Children's Village is starting small, it takes a village!

Our Plan

The first phase of Harmony Children's Village: 2017-2019 a babysitting and respite care service provided by RN and founder, Lilly Pulko, in her home located in Roswell, Georgia. 

The second phase is now open: 2019 Respite Care similar to a parents morning out, from 9am-1pm. See our Respite Care faq page for more details.

Our vision for the future: a full-time inclusive childcare facility! We are hard at work determining the details and building the foundation for our center. We will keep this website up to date with our progress. It takes a village! 

Our Board of Directors

Lilly Pulko, RN, BSN, Founder, President of the Board

Melody Crowley, BA, Vice President of the Board 

Kristin Picken, RT, Secretary of the Board

Sara Malas, BA, Operations Director 

Tom Crowley, BS, IT Director

Are you an experienced pediatric nurse or early child development teacher?