Better beginnings,
better balance.

Harmony Children's Village provides inclusive childcare for babies and toddlers (up to age 3) with and without medical conditions.

Currently located in Roswell, Georgia Harmony provides an in-home babysitting and respite care service while we develop plans to open a childcare center.


What does "inclusive childcare" mean, and what's the benefit?

In our inclusive environment children have a variety of developmental and physical abilities and all of them play together with peers of the same age. Each child is given one-on-one attention as well as included in small-group educational activities. Whenever it is necessary special accommodations are provided so that everyone can enjoy learning with their friends.  

How is the model of care at Harmony Children's Village different than all other childcare options?  Here's the list: 

  1. pediatric nursing care, NICU experience

  2. excellent safety and infection prevention measures

  3. continuity of care between parents and their pediatricians, specialists, and physical therapists

  4. lowest caregiver to child ratio, 1:2 in the in-home setting

early education + pediatric nurses=

harmony (noun  har·mo·ny  \ˈhär-mə-nē\)

a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things; balancecoherenceorchestrationunity