Better beginnings,
better balance.

Harmony Children's Village provides inclusive childcare for babies and toddlers (up to age 3) with and without medical conditions.

Currently located in Roswell, Georgia Harmony provides an in-home babysitting and respite care service while we develop plans to open a childcare center.

This new model of inclusive care is unlike any other childcare in Georgia, especially since all the state's medically fragile daycares closed in 2015.*

(*see more in about section)

How is the model of care at Harmony Children's Village different than all other childcare options?  

Here's the list: 

  1. pediatric nursing care, NICU experience

  2. excellent safety and infection prevention

  3. continuity of care between parents and their pediatricians, specialists and physical therapists

  4. low caregiver to child ratio, 1:2 in the in-home setting

  5. inclusive education, where all children of similar age and cognitive development learn together

Click here to see the parent testimonial with William’s parents (pictured above)

Meet one of the families in the village

We discovered Harmony Children’s Village in 2017, which was life changing for our family of five. Not only did Lilly Pulko provide our daughter with the high-level nursing care she needed, but she went above and beyond in learning from therapists on how to engage with Catherine...
— Mary Reed

*read this entire testimonial, and others here

early education + pediatric nursing care =

harmony (noun har·mo·ny \ˈhär-mə-nē\)

a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things; balancecoherenceorchestrationunity